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Here are the details of some of my publications.


Barnett, L. (ed.) (2009) When Death Enters The Therapeutic
Space, Existential Perspectives in Psychotherapy and Counselling, London: Routledge.
An initial chapter developing the philosophical roots of existential therapy is followed by 11 clinical chapters with case vignettes throughout. Topics include: working with life-threatening illness, end of life issues, suicide, bereavement, survivors of torture, and the 7/7 London bombings. 

'This fine book should be read by all students and practitioners of existential approaches to therapy and also by therapists of all orientations...' Dr Nick Kirkland-Handley, JSEA 21.1 (2010)

'I would recommend this book to any practitioner at any level of experience and of any orientation...' Dr Simone Lee, JSEA 21.1 (2010)

Barnett, L. and Madison, G. (eds.) (2011) Existential Therapy: Legacy, Vibrancy and Dialogue, Routledge.

This  major anniversary book on Existential Therapy has been very warmly reviewed:
'a tour de force' Professor Les Greenberg, Ontario

'a must-have book for everyone interested in existential therapy' Professor Tom Greening, Saybrook University, USA

'the most prominent landmark in the field since ... the 1958 classic Existence' Professor Bo Jacobsen,  University of Copenhagen, Denmark

'the best overview of existential therapy to date' Dr Paul Smith Pickard, former Chair Society for Existential Analysis

'a who's who of existential therapy' Professor Robert Stolorow, USA

Both books are available from

On supervision:
Barnett, L. (2009) Buber, Rogers, Levinas and the Supervisory Relationship,  in van Deurzen, E. and Young, S. (2009) Existential Supervision, London: Palgrave.

On Intensive Care:
A neglected Client group, Therapy Today,
May 2006, Rugby:

Working with Intensive Care
 Patients, Therapy Today, June 2006, Rugby: BACP


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